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Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian expecting their second daughter

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It’s official: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their third child, only this time, the one who carries the baby is not going to be Kim.

The couple decided to hire a surrogate after various fertility experts and doctors have strongly advised Kimye to stop trying to get pregnant, because otherwise, the future momma of three will put her life to great risk.

They have always dreamed about this numerous family, but Kim’s both pregnancies were pretty risky and before she had Saint, the brunette was even forced to go through a surgery in order to conceive their second child.

After one year of doing some serious research work and debating on the idea of hiring a surrogate or not, Kanye and his wife decided to go for it.

They negotiated with a company specialized in surrogate mothers and chose a woman who, according to them, fits perfectly into their family dynamics.

The rumors started spreading months ago, but Kim confirmed the happy news a week ago, in the sneak peek of their new Keeping Up With the Kardashian season.

She even took it to Instagram, were she posted a caption of the teaser, completing with the post with a caption.

The official confirmation comes after weeks of speculation that the surrogate mother hired by the couple will give birth to their child in January.

According to TMZ, surrogate mother and her husband are African-Americans and have been married for over five years.

The woman, graduated from college, has two boys and was hired through an agency.

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